Getting Us All On The Same Page

OpenShow helps streamline the rehearsal process and creates new possibilities. Score following and optical cueing make it easy to stay in sync. Stage effects can react to the singer's voice. Uncompressed audio networking lets us work while physically distant on both in-person and online performances.

Learn more about OpenShow from our 7-minute intro video

OpenShow Editor

OpenShow Editor displays the score, cues and playback controls in an easy to follow timeline format. The editor can show different layouts for different roles in the production, and allows for easy adding and editing of cues. It can run on its own or be live-updated by ScoFo.

OpenShow Editor currently runs as a desktop and web application, with app versions for iOS and Android coming soon.

Use OpenShow to plan shows in-person or remotely. Networked functionality makes it easy for teams to collaboratively create and edit cues, jump to any point in the score, and set score-following functionality.


Score following allows OpenShow to track a singer's voice and identify the current position in the score, which can then be used to fire cues and moduate dynamic cue parameters.

Toggle Score Following On or Off

ScoFo can automatically progress through an entire show, just parts of it, or be turned off completely.

Use ScoFo for Dynamic Cueing

Control cue firing, progress through cue sequences, or modulate cue paramaters such as lighting intensity.


Fiducial markers (similar to QR codes) attached to the conductor's score allow OpenShow to keep track of where you are in a performance and add more reliability to score-following.

Report Current Page Number

Using a normal webcam, qFlip recognizes markers and sends current page numbers across a network.

Attach to Any Score

No custom score needed. Simply print reacTIVision markers and attach to an existing score.


A custom system for sending low-latency uncompressed audio and data over the Internet. QuackTrip allows OpenShow to run remote performances spanning the world.

Easy Connections

Easily connect by joining a named meeting room.


Quacktrip runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

OpenShow was created as part of Opera Hack, a two-day opera x technology cross-collaborative event hosted by San Diego Opera in late July of 2019. We would like to thank San Diego Opera (and especially Program Coordinator Angel Mannion) for supporting OpenShow over the past year, and Opera America for funding the Opera Hack program.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from opera companies who want to use our tools. Reach out to with any questions or to set up a meeting.